Off Page Optimization
Off Page Search Engine Optimisation
Off Page Optimisation is any SEO techniques that do not involve changing anything on the actual website pages. The changes instead happen from external sources to provide greater exposure to the website and generate some interest for the site from elsewhere on the internet. The main idea is to get higher search engine rankings via ‘backlinks’ from other sites, generally sites with high page ranking. The higher amount and quality of backlinks you have coming to the site, the more authority search engines will give you compared to your competitors. Below are just a few other methods of creating a good off-page optimisation campaign:
Submitting to Directories
Online directories comprise of many lists of websites that are categorised and organised by subject. Users can click on a particular topic of interest, and then a list of sites that have been submitted to the directory appear. This is another way of helping users find the site they want. There are different types of directories to submit to either paid or free. Some of the larger, more well known directories include DMOZ, Yahoo and Google and it is extremely important for search engine optimisation to submit the site to these directories. There are other websites apart from directories that you can submit your website so but finding these relevant sites that will allow a link is very difficult, our themed one-way backlink projects can help you with this.
Writing Articles
Article writing is another aspect of off page SEO as it can create more links back to the site. The idea is to create a 400-600 word article relating to your products, services or industry. The more informative and useful it is to people, the more people will read it and come to the site. Once the article has been written, the article should be submitted to many different article directory sites so it will be syndicated (made available to the public) so other people can use it on their site. It also shows other companies that you know your stuff about the industry.
Online Press Releases
Press releases have been around for generations and are used to announce to any news or developments in the company or industry that is worth informing others about. Online press releases  act in the exact same way but instead of sending it to newspapers they are submitted to PR directory websites to put on their site and inform others. This can be a great way of alerting others to any new developments within the company including, new website features, marketing events and awards.
Social Media Sites
The power of social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Digg are not to be underestimated as it is an opportunity to expose your products and services to a large amount of potential clients. It can also be a great way of backing up your current marketing campaigns and direct people to any new blog entries you may have just posted. Giving others a free and beneficial tip can really inspire people to pick up the phone and see how else your company can help them.
Although off page optimization factors are very important part in order to get the site rocketing up the search engine rankings, it is very hard to control compared with on page factors. On page factors are a necessity and all on page factors need to be considered before off page factors are implemented. By doing both on and off page to a high standard means that the site will have the best possible chance of achieving high page ranks.