On Page Optimization
On-page Optimization is one of the most vital parts of the entire SEO process in which we make modification to the various elements present in a web page like URL, keyword density, Meta tag, title text, heading, content etc., so that search engine crawlers could easily locate, crawl and index the web page.
The primary aim of on-page optimisation is to make the web pages noticed amongst the search engine so that search engine spiders crawls them quickly but that never guarantees higher search engine ranking. Although, we also employ many off-page optimization techniques to acquire higher search-engine rankings but this can be effective only when the web page optimized on-page properly.
When it comes to On-page Optimization, SEO Ennovations focuses primarily on Title text, Select keywords as per search engine web master guidelines, Meta tags, keyword density, proximity and prominence in the Meta tags (Title, description and keyword) and the content present on the web page.
At SEO Ennovations, we employ organic and ethical on-page optimization techniques and implement these effective strategies for your website to facilitate it with higher search engine rankings on the major search engines naturally. We also build strategies to enhance the web presence for your website through social media networking also. We surpass a team of skilled and dedicated SEO experts, who optimize your website considering the search engines algorithms and preferences, create brand recognition for your business through social platforms, enhance your website’s visibility and ROI.
Our experienced SEO experts make use of white hat on-page optimization techniques to place your website on all the major search engine result pages organically and offer highest benefits of web promotion. We perform a thorough analysis of your website and its competitors thereby prepare appropriate SEO strategy to begin with further SEO activities.
On-page Services We Offer:
  • Entire HTML of standard concept design
  • Check the keyword density, proximity and prominence
  • Make suitable and required modifications to the web page content
  • Insert ALT text and title text into the images and text links
  • H1, H2, and H3 optimization in the web page content
  • Prepare Meta tags (title text, meta description and keyword ) for each web page
  • Hyperlinking / interlinking the text to the dedicated pages and segments of the website
  • URL structure
  • Sitemap creation
  • W3C compliance
  • Upload robots.txt file and XML Sitemap
  • Add to Google Webmaster tools
  • Verify, produce and upload them all

Key Benefits We Offer:

  • Develop unique content and place the keywords throughout the website accordingly.
  • Select the keywords as per the website's requirements and the targeted audience.
  • Describe the website through the title tag.
  • Briefly describe the website Meta description.
  • Keep the Meta Keyword Tags precise and use the ones which are more important.
  • Use ALT Tags, text descriptions used to describe an image on a web page.
  • Create site map for your website.
  • Make use of unique, relevant and updated content.
  • Anchor text optimization.
  • Make use of selected and essential keywords in the domain name.